5 Options for Minimizing Cold Feet This Winter

When most of us think about getting cold feet, we think about entering a stressful time in our life. But it is also a health condition associated with cold-weather and exposing our feet and toes. For some, it can happen even when the weather is warm outside and they may suffer from cold feet all year long. Since there may be some medical conditions associated with cold feet, it's a good idea to discuss them with your physician. Reynolds disease, diabetes, and anemia are just some of the circulatory disorders that could be to blame. If your doctor doesn't find a medical condition associated with it, you can try the following to help reduce or eliminate the symptoms. 1. Sprinkle small amounts of ground cayenne pepper in your socks and shoes. Cayenne pepper produces many health benefits, including this surprising benefit for those with cold feet. 2. Improve your circulation with regular physical exercise. Adding exercise into your regular routine allows the muscles to squeeze the blood vessels and promote better blood flow. Calf raises, leg presses and other leg exercises work wonders. 3. Give up smoking. Your circulation is impacted negatively from nicotine because it constricts blood vessels. 4. Choose your socks and shoes wisely. Make sure they are comfortable but don't restrict circulation by wearing them too tight. 5. If all else fails, try soaking your feet in a warm tub of water and then put on some warm socks. Don't get the water too hot, lukewarm should suffice. You can also purchase some heated socks online or at a local outdoor store and wear them when necessary.