Do Gummy Multivitamins Actually Work?

I’m sure you've noticed all the gummy vitamins in the supplement aisle the last time you went to the pharmacy. What used to be shelves filled with dry bottles of pills, has now become something way more fun: gummies!

Gummy vitamins have become increasingly popular for adults cause they work, are easier to ingest if you can’t swallow pills, and taste amazing.

Despite how yummy they are, many have asked the question: “Do gummy multivitamins work as well as regular vitamins?”

The short answer is yes, gummy multivitamins can work as well as traditional vitamins and can even offer some additional benefits:

Vitamin Content

Like any multivitamin, you need to look at the dosage. Although they are delicious, you only want to take the recommended amount 1. Also, make sure to check the label to see if it has all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and trace elements for a healthy, balanced diet.

Taste and Texture

Gummy multivitamins are just more fun to take! They aren’t tart or gritty like compressed vitamin pucks and almost taste like candy. Unlike traditional multivitamins, you don’t need water to consume them. Just pop the recommended dosage into your mouth, chew for a minute, and you are good to go.

It turns out that chewing your gummy multivitamins actually helps 2 your body absorbs the vitamins faster because your teeth and saliva start working their magic on them right away.

They Can Be Fun

Gummy multivitamins come in different shapes and colors that will make any adult feel like a little kid again. But make sure to keep them out of a child’s reach to prevent them from eating them...You can always get gummy multivitamins made specifically for kids so they can join in on the fun as well.

Like with any gummy candy, you will want to brush your teeth afterward so none of the residue 3 gets stuck. Be sure to find a gummy multivitamin that is made with natural ingredients and sweeteners.

They Actually Work

As long as you take a high-quality gummy multivitamin, you can get the same benefits as the traditional pill form. As with any dietary supplement, you need to make sure to do your research and check with your doctor to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.


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