6 Benefits of Vitamin E You Didn't Know About

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and a vital nutrient your body needs to function at its best. Best known for its skin health benefits, it's a popular ingredient in skin care products. But there are many other reasons to get enough vitamin E. Here are 6.

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Emergency Food Preparation Tips for Vegans

In an era of fires, pandemics, and natural disasters, it's best to be prepared for emergencies by keeping non-perishable healthy foods on hand. Check out our list of emergency food preparation tips for vegans.

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Hate Swallowing Pills? These 5 Tips Might Help

Swallowing is a more complicated process than many people realize. The nerves have to work together in your throat, mouth, and esophagus to move food or liquid from the mouth into the digestive tract. If you struggle to swallow pills comfortably, here are a few helpful tips.

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