The Beginner’s Guide to Achieving a Healthier Gut

In case you weren’t aware, there are currently 2-6 pounds of bacteria in our bodies. It’s nothing to be alarmed about, in fact, the vast majority of our bodily functions are either controlled or influenced by the bacteria that make up our microbiome 1.

Bacteria often get a bad reputation. We see it as the reason we get sick. However, the majority of the bacteria found in our bodies are actually necessary to our health. So here are five easy tips to ensuring you maintain your gut health.

Don’t Kill the Bacteria: Nowadays it seems like we’ve gotten germ obsessed. And while we think it’s a great idea to use anti-bacterial gels and creams, there is a downside. Not only does it kill the bad bacteria, but it also kills the good bacteria – and our bodies need good bacteria in order to properly function. So, do your gut a favor and use those products to a minimum if possible2.

Keep Your Diet Clean: It’s been shown that eating processed carbohydrates and excess sugars can cause an imbalance in the gut. If you struggle with digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, or stomach aches, then you may want to highly consider avoiding such foods like dairy, gluten, and grains, since these can be hard to digest. Plus, they can also negatively affect gut health. In order to help support your microbiome, it’s best to stick with whole, unprocessed foods.

Supplements: While a healthy and balanced diet is always a good idea, sometimes it needs a little help in supporting your gut health. That is where supplements come in. A good quality probiotic, such as NATURELO Priobiotic with 50 billion CFU, is a good option to help support your body’s gut health.

Eat Fermented Foods: You may not think foods like sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, yogurt or kombucha, are that great, but they’re actually rich in probiotics. Besides taking a probiotic supplement, incorporating these foods into your diet on a daily basis can help to keep your guts functioning properly. Another great option to support gut health is bone broth – while it’s not fermented, it’s still very, very good!

Avoid Stress & Get Plenty of Sleep: Our bodies have all different systems, yet these systems are tied together and function in symbiosis with each other3. So, it is no wonder that new research has emerged showing that gut health can be negatively affected when other parts of our bodies aren’t properly functioning. One of the best examples is how a lack of sleep, or a really stressful period of time, can end up negatively affecting our gut health. In order to support, not just our microbiome but also our hormones, lymphatic system, etc., we must make it our priority to treat our bodies well – and that means taking care of ourselves in all aspects of our body.