Want To Minimize Inflammation? Try This Spice

Many of us will deal with low-grade inflammation at some point in our lifetime. Not only can it make you uncomfortable, but it has also been linked to a number of health-related issues including Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and other degenerative conditions1. Most people are familiar with turmeric because it's a key ingredient in curry and yellow mustard. But did you know that this spice is well known for its anti-inflammatory benefits?

Turmeric Is Anti-Inflammatory

Acute inflammation can be beneficial for repairing damaged tissues and fighting off infection. For example, the tissue surrounding a small injury will become swollen, showing that inflammation is doing its work to help with healing. Chronic inflammation, or the other hand, is very damaging to the body. The effect that it has on your internal systems and cellular structure can lead to damage to the joints, heart, brain and much more. There is a lot involved with the inflammatory process and some of the contributing factors can include processed foods, toxins, smoking, and our stress level. When you use curcumin (turmeric) you can take advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties. One of the reasons why turmeric works is because it interrupts a protein (NF-kB) that leads to inflammation. In other words, it stops the inflammation at the molecular level2. Turmeric products can be found in most health food stores. But in order to receive the full benefits, choose a whole food extract that has been processed using 'supercritical extraction'. This type of processing extracts the natural components using liquefied carbon dioxide. Other types of extraction methods use hexane and other chemicals that may leave a harmful residue behind. You should also choose a turmeric supplement that includes an alkaloid for black pepper called 'piperine'. It has been shown to help with the absorption of turmeric by the body. To fight inflammation, make sure to take NATURELO's organic turmeric supplement with ginger extract and Bioperine daily.