The 5 Best Brain Training Games and Websites

The 5 Best Brain Training Games and Websites

There are many ways that both old and young people can improve their mental function and prevent brain aging1. One of the best things you can do is train your mind with brain games. They can be a great way to improve your memory, response time, and logical skills2.

If you’ve been looking to have a little fun while possibly sharpening or improving your mental fitness, then here are the top 5 websites and games for you to test:

1. Sudoku

This is a highly addictive number replacement game that depends on memory. In order to complete a Sudoku puzzle, the player must first look ahead and follow a trail of consequences. For example, if one were to place a six in a box, then that one must be an eight and then a four, etc. This type of “planning” helps to improve short-term memory and concentration.

Similar to crossword puzzles, Sudoku is quite a popular brain game which you can find to play online or on paper. There are Sudoku game books that can be found in a variety of stores or websites. There are even websites dedicated to playing Sudoku online and you can even get Sudoku apps for your phone or tablet.

Similar to crossword puzzles, Sudoku is available in a variety of difficulty levels. When first starting out, play the easy levels in order to better learn the rules until you get better acquainted with the game. In addition, it is advised to start with paper and pencil, since you’ll most likely be doing a lot of erasing at first.

2. Lumosity

Lumosity has developed into one of the most popular brain training and mental fitness websites today - the account sign-up is free. From there, you are offered three games per day, or you can choose your subscription service. Either way, it’s simple to track results and improvement.

Thanks to Lumosity, users may notice themselves challenging their brain while achieving better scores as they go along. But most importantly, these fun brain training and mental fitness games, tests, and activities have been backed by science.

3. Happy Neuron

This website offers games and activities that have been divided up into five critical brain areas: memory, attention, language, executive functions, and visual/spatial. Similar to Lumosity, Happy Neuron personalizes the training to fit individual needs and tracks progress. Plus, the games are based off of scientific research.

In order to use the website, there is a monthly subscription fee. However, before having to commit to payment, you can enjoy a free trial to see if you like their approach.

4. My Brain Trainer

This website claims to be an online "brain gym." My Brain Trainer is similar in format to both Lumosity and Happy Neuron. However, a three-month subscription for My Brain Trainer costs the same as a month’s subscription for other services. The annual subscription is an even better deal, so it is definitely worth looking into if you are on a tight budget. My Brain Trainer also offers a free trial.

My Brain Trainer is filled with games, puzzles, and other challenges that are all designed to improve mental fitness. On the website, it recommends ten minutes per day – twice a day – in order to see the best effects. My Brain Trainer also offers a basic training program claiming to improve mental speed.

5. Crosswords

Crosswords is a classic brain trainer. Not only does it access verbal language, but your memory from many dimensions of knowledge as well. There are plenty of ways to do a crossword puzzle – both online and offline.

The most classic of these being the crossword in a newspaper. You can also buy a book of crosswords. The books are great because you can select one specifically tailored to your skill level or interests. But keep in mind, crosswords can be hard.

There are also endless crosswords online that you can access for free. Many of the newspapers offer crosswords on their websites, Plus, many game websites have crosswords for free as well. 

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