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We Are Natural

The NATURELO® Whole Food Multivitamins are a synergistic complex of whole-food nutrients extracted from real fruits and vegetables.

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Our Mission
From Nature With Love®
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  • Clean Label

    We like to keep it clean. Our supplements contain NO GMOs, gluten, soy, preservatives, or additives of any kind.

  • Whole Food Ingredients

    We’ve picked only the finest ingredients so that you can experience the power of plant-based nutrition.

  • Total Body Health

    Our high-quality, natural supplements support your energy, health and well-being. Our proprietary antioxidant blends provide support for you brain, heart, and eyes.

  • 3rd Party Verified

    All of our supplements are tested by independent, 3rd party labs for potency and purity to ensure you get exactly what you pay for.

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We love spreading the knowledge of healthy living. Checkout our most recent posts or view all posts.

Methylation and Why it Matters

Methylation is the switch that triggers many important chemical processes in your body. It influences your hormones, your metabolism, your detox processes, and your inflammation response. Here's what you should know about it, and why some have more trouble with this process than others. 
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10 Nutrients You Need for Healthy Bones

You probably already know that calcium is important for bone health. But calcium doesn’t work all by itself. It needs other important vitamins and minerals to help your body absorb it and use it correctly. Without them, calcium is not only less effective, it may also be less safe.
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The Most Important Vitamins for Teens

Your teen needs a healthy supply of vitamins and minerals to support her rapid growth and changing hormones. Unfortunately, teens are not known for their well-balanced diets, so they are more likely to be lacking important nutrients. A high quality teen multivitamin can help fill those gaps.
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