Herbal Supplements

Herbal Supplements & Botanicals

Herbs, mushrooms, and other botanicals have been used in traditional folk medicine for thousands of years. New scientific research is now shedding light on the many benefits that these plants offer. Our herbal supplements collection includes time-tested herbal remedies for immune health, stress support, sleep, brain health, prostate health, menopause support, and more. Explore our full collection of botanical and herbal supplements right here.

Plants are rich in natural compounds that help protect them from harsh, stressful conditions. When taken as herbal supplements, these plants can help us stay balanced when stressed or challenged. Herbal adaptogens such as ashwagandha help support a healthy stress response, calming the nervous system and supporting emotional and hormonal balance.* Ashwagandha is one of our most popular herbal supplements for stress, and is also a featured ingredient in our Menopause Support supplement, along with other traditional herbal remedies for menopause, such as black cohosh.

Some adaptogens, such as bacopa and lion’s mane mushroom, are particularly known for their brain health benefits. Bacopa is a featured ingredient in our Memory, Focus & Mood herbal supplement, along with other botanicals for brain health, such as aronia berry. Lion’s mane mushroom is a featured ingredient in our Mushrooms Brain + Immune Health supplement, along with reishi and turkey tail mushroom, which have been widely researched for their immune support benefits. Elderberry is another very popular botanical supplement for immune support. Our Elderberry gummies also include vitamin C and zinc for an extra immune boost.*

Many herbs and botanicals have antioxidant properties that help protect against oxidative stress, which can cause cumulative damage to cells and tissues. Turmeric root is a traditional herbal remedy best known for helping to support a balanced inflammation response, which is especially helpful for maintaining joint health and mobility.* Traditional herbal supplements such as saw palmetto help support Prostate & Urinary Health by protecting against oxidative stress and helping manage inflammation.* And relaxing herbs such as chamomile and lemon balm have long been used to help with sleep. Our Sleep formula combines these traditional herbal remedies with melatonin and GABA for a peaceful night’s rest.*


What are herbal supplements?

Herbal supplements are dietary supplements that feature botanical ingredients. Often, these botanicals have a long history of traditional use for natural health. Today’s herbal supplements often use herbal extracts, a purified and concentrated version of the herb, which provides a higher potency of the plant’s active compounds and helps preserve them longer.*

Can I take herbal supplements along with prescription medications?

Herbal supplements can have potent effects on the body and may interact with certain drugs. You should check with your doctor before taking herbal supplements if you have a health condition or are taking any medications.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.