Whole Food Nutrition From Nature with Love


Whole Food Nutrition From Nature with Love

Our Story

Nestled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, NATURELO was founded by a young family who believed that our nutrition should come from nature, not from a lab. So we decided to make vitamins and minerals from real fruits and vegetables, just like they are found in nature.

  • Healthy habits weren’t enough

    We’ve always been passionate about health. We invested in fresh, organic foods and made time in our busy schedules for home cooking and regular exercise. Still, we found that getting all of the vitamins and minerals we needed through our diet was more challenging than it appeared. And if it was hard for us, we knew it must be hard for others, too.

  • What we learned about nutritional supplements

    When we started to research multivitamins, we were surprised to learn that virtually all of them were full of synthetic ingredients made in a lab. That didn’t sit right with us. Shouldn’t our vitamins and minerals come from nature, just like our food? What if we could get our nutrients from real fruits and veggies, the way our bodies are designed to do — but packed into a more convenient form to fit our modern lifestyle?

  • Our big idea

    We decided to create a line of multivitamins made with real, plant-based ingredients — even if it was difficult (which it was!). We would source our vitamins and minerals from organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible — like Vitamin C from Acerola Cherries, Vitamin E from Sunflower Seeds, and Calcium from Algae. For the vitamins that weren’t available in plant-based form, we’d source them through fermentation. And we’d blend all the ingredients in a base of organic fruits and vegetables for that extra whole food goodness our bodies crave.

  • That’s how NATURELO was born!

    We must have struck a chord with others just like us, because our whole food multivitamins quickly took off. Today, we offer a full line of 50+ nutritional supplements — all made with clean, natural ingredients, just the way your body likes it. Our mission is to make the healthy benefits of whole food nutrition more affordable, convenient, and accessible for all.


Our Values

  • Leaf
    Back to Nature

    We believe that the best nutrition comes from nature, not from a lab -- just the way your body likes it.

  • Shield
    Clean Label

    Our supplements are free of GMOs, preservatives, and common allergens like gluten, dairy, and soy.

  • Pills

    We proactively share detailed information about what’s inside our products. There's nothing to hide.

  • Hands
    Customers First

    Our customers’ health and happiness is our highest priority, and it shows in everything we do.


Ever since we started in 2013, we made giving back a core part of who we are. NATURELO is a corporate partner and proud supporter of Vitamin Angels, a not-for-profit organization that provides life-changing vitamins to mothers and children under five who are at high risk of malnutrition. By providing vitamin supplements to these vulnerable populations, Vitamin Angels is reducing preventable illness and helping create a healthier world. We are proud to pledge a share of our profits to Vitamin Angels because we believe in the transformative power of helping people in need. When you purchase a NATURELO supplement today, you support Vitamin Angels this year.