Top 3 Benefits of Taking Probiotics

Top 3 Benefits of Taking Probiotics

Probiotics help your gut to digest food, eliminate harmful microorganisms, and produce vitamins1. Studies have shown that probiotics can help support digestive health and immune function, among other benefits3. NATURELO’s Vegan Probiotic Supplement contains 11 probiotic strains with 50 billion live cultures to help support a healthy gut environment.

Here are the top 3 benefits of probiotics:

1. Supports Healthy Immune Function: Approximately 70% of the cells in your immune system are located in the digestive tract. Factors such as age and medications can impact the balance of healthy intestinal bacteria. Probiotics can help encourage this favorable balance and strengthen your immune system4.

2. Benefit Your Gut While Taking Antibiotics: Taking an antibiotic can impact the healthy bacteria living in your digestive system5. Unfortunately, people stop their antibiotics prematurely because the gastrointestinal stress it may cause can make people feel uncomfortable. To ensure you are consuming enough beneficial bacteria while taking antibiotics, it is recommended that you add a probiotic supplement to your routine. Researchers believe that probiotics can have the potential to balance digestion after an interruption (like taking antibiotics) to maintain healthy bacteria in the gut.

3. Balances Your Digestive System: The 'good' bacteria in your gut are responsible for maintaining the healthy functioning of the digestive system and supporting healthy digestion. The balance of bacteria can impact intestinal biodiversity, including processes involved in energy metabolism, digestion, and immune support.