7 Foods That Are Rich In Biotin

Biotin is sometimes referred to by its nickname "vitamin H" coming from the German words Haar and Haut which mean hair and skin. Like other B vitamins, your body needs biotin to run optimally. Biotin is used within the body by countless pathways that help determine the health of our trillions of cells. It is also important for pregnancy, which is why it is included in prenatal vitamins. Some studies have also shown it helps with your liver1.

Because the body cannot synthesize biotin, it must be via a supplement or obtained through the intestinal bacteria. You can also increase your biotin intake by eating the following foods:

1. Eggs: Egg yolks contain a lot of biotin, but the amount will decrease when you heat the egg during cooking. When you consider how beneficial biotin is for the embryo development, it makes sense that egg yolks contain a lot of it.

2. Almonds: You can get plenty of vitamin H by eating raw, salted or roasted almonds. The same is true of many other nuts and legumes2. Some additional possibilities for your diet include green beans, pecans, walnuts, soybeans, and peanuts.

3. Cauliflower: A serving of raw cauliflower has 17 micrograms of biotin. Most Americans get between 100 and 300 micrograms in a healthy diet daily. Eating raw cauliflower provides the highest nutritional benefit, since biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. You can also slow roast cauliflower or use it in various dishes.

4. Cheese: dairy products contain some biotin, with blue and camembert cheese having the highest levels according to a study3 of 23 cheese types. American and cheddar cheese are also good choices.

5. Mushrooms: Mushrooms have biotin to protect them from predators and parasites while growing. When you sauté mushrooms to prepare them, you get biotin but you get more when you eat them raw. Some people enjoy slicing mushrooms in a spinach salad with hard-boiled egg yolks and almonds.

6. Sweet Potatoes: If you're looking for high levels of biotin in a vegetable, you don't need to look any further than the sweet potato. They also contain beta-carotene, so it is a good choice for the skin. Try mixing it up when preparing sweet potatoes to keep things interesting.

7. Spinach: You can get a lot of biotin when eating spinach. Even frozen spinach has plenty of the vitamin, with 7 micrograms included per serving.

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