Benefits Of Plant-Based Calcium

Algae calcium is plant-based, algae-derived calcium1. Unlike traditional rock calciums like calcium carbonate or calcium citrate, algae calcium is naturally full of dozens of trace minerals. Algae calcium, also known as Algas calcareas, comes from red ocean calcium. It is typically found attached to other algae or in tropical reefs. Even though it is named red algae, it can also be found in a number of different colors2. These kiwi-sized balls of living algae attach to seaweed on the ocean floor. They eventually detach and then find their way to shore where they can be harvested. Red algae tend to be more complex than other types of algae on a structural and cellular level. What makes Algas calcareas unique is that it is very close to the mineral composition found in human bones as far as variety and quantity is concerned. The minerals and calcium are predigested so the body can break it down the rest of the way easily and absorb everything from it. What makes algae calcium different? Most supplements will use a form of rock calcium to help keep osteoporosis at bay. People who take the supplements are not typically aware that there are different options available. They will usually take a type of calcium that includes calcium citrate and calcium carbonate, which may come from rock, such as marble and limestone. Human beings are not houses so getting our supplements from limestone or marble is not necessarily the best choice out there. On average, people over the age of 40 lose 1% of their mineral bone density every year3. Taking rock calcium can reduce bone loss by cutting it in half, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. Algae calcium, on the other hand, stops the bone loss completely and helps with the building of new bone. It is really the best choice available. Because algae calcium comes naturally partnered with magnesium and other trace minerals, it’s readily absorbed into the body. It is the complete option, so you don't need to take multiple supplements to get the calcium you need. To make sure you are getting enough plant-based calcium, we recommend taking NATURELO's Bone Strength supplement daily.
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